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Interview with
Pamela Sutherland

By quoteandquote

After to many years of wondering around the country I settled in Glasgow, working first as a DJ and eventually as Operations Manager for a direct sales company, so my back ground is varied to say the least. All through my adult life I have had health problems, ones that the doctors seemed to be unable to find a reason for, or even able to keep my symptoms at bay. It was just a couple of years after I was married, around my 40th birthday that I was diagnosed with Progressive Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis, apparently I had had the normal version since I was 21 and it had turning progressive and which meant they could no longer miss it. That was 13 years ago, for the past 7 I have been housebound, only taking up a life on line just over 3 years ago when I was made redundant. I starting by writing my blog, as I could find nothing on line that told the truth of life with chronic illness or of being housebound, so I set to writing it and I have been writing daily ever since. I moved on to twitter a few months later and started to build what is now a huge community of friends and followers, who brighten my life daily, human contact can exist regardless where in the world those humans are, especially if you make the effort to touch them with your words. My days are now spent writing in one form or another, well those that I don't sleep through.

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  • Why did you decide to post and share quotes in social media?

    I didn't really, I had been sending out other peoples Quotes on Twitter for a while, at the same time I had been thinking up things to say rather than the then blank "Follow these people" or "Nice people to know" when giving a shout out, 3 years ago I never saw anything else and I wanted to say more. What? I wasn't sure, just more. I started just putting together a few friendly words and suddenly people who they weren't sent started to retweet them. I was stunned but then I put a bit more thought and structure them more and instead of the odd one, all of them were being retweeted and they were asking who wrote them, well it was me, but I found it both flattering and embarrassing, so I invented a hashtag of #PSMyWords, it worked all ways with PS also being my initials.

  • How important are quotes in your life? How have they helped you deal with various issues (health, personal, financial, career) throughout the years?

    I write the things that the world has somehow forgotten as it races at a million miles an hour through technology most don't even understand. I write what most of us feel in our hearts, but also feel that no one else does, it's just not fashionable, but the thing is, it is, it always will be. People love people and we seem to not want to show it any longer, my words at least let them express it, agree with it and even disagree if that is how they feel.

  • What inspires you to create a quote?

    I have really answered that in the last two answers, I am just filled with the things I live by and write them down as and when they appear.

  • What makes a quote, a good quote?

    Quotes be them mine or anyone else's aren't the kind of thing you go looking for when you need them, they are the things that turn up when you need them. I have often found that I will be flicking through social media sites, not looking for anything in particular, but usually because inside I need something and they are just there, usually giving me a kick up the backside. That's one of the beauty of quotes, they tell us what we need to hear.

  • What are your thoughts about the rise of the quote-image, inspirational words on graphic backgrounds or photos?

    Well as they say nothing is ever really new, I remember the poster shops being filled with them in the 70's, they were the things people had on their office or bedroom walls, moving onto the web is an expected transition.

  • Which are your favorite quotes?

    Well here are a couple of my most resent one I have written which I and others liked :

    How we treat others, regardless of who they are, is the true measure of us as a person - #PSMyWords

    Never be afraid to make your voice heard, without it there is a gap in the chorus of life - #PSMyWords

    Give an order and you give nothing, but give guidance and you open the door to learning & change - #PSMyWords

  • Please write down anything else you might want to say about the power of words.

    One of the things that I have learned from twitter is that you can if you think about it say a lot in a very few words, you just have to put in some thought. None of the quotes I write are more than 88 characters, the max I can use and still list some user names below along with a thank you. It is actually a great exercise to try and confine yourself like that, as every single word has to have the true meaning of your thoughts in them and no, I don't use tweet or text shortening, I write in English, not shorthand. Words are magical only when you add the magic other wise they are just a spiders crawl.