2015-02-25 at 10:30 PM

Interview with
Julia Suzuki

By quoteandquote

Twitter name: @juliasuzuki_uk
Quote and Quote:

  • 1. When and why did you first start writing?

    I began writing a detailed daily journal as a young child, and then moved on to writing poems and short stories as a teenager. At university I studied creative writing, alongside of a business degree, but it wasn’t until four years ago that I decided to write my first full novel.

  • Why did you start writing for children? How does writing for children differ from writing for adults?

    I feel a close affinity with children and love their sense of freedom, joy for life and wonderful observations. The writing industry professionals informed me that my work had a strong childlike appeal, and actually it always felt natural for me to write to in the fairytale genre. I would often tell my son stories that I created. He preferred listening to my fables rather than reading other books together, and I enjoyed the imaginative element of this so took to beginning the Land of Dragor series. My son was just eight years old at this time, thus, I wrote THE GIFT OF CHARMS for the 8 plus market - similar to the authors I admired the most like Rowling, Blyton, Pullman and Lewis.

    Writing for adults requires more detail within the plot,and often more complex language. I have heard publishers say that children are the most difficult to write for because they know exactly what they do and don’t like – and indeed are unafraid to say so! The Dragor stories have a universal appeal with many adults expressing enjoyment for them. Perhaps this is because everyone loves a fairytale

  • Why did you choose a dragon as the main character of your "The Land of Dragor" series?

    I have always loved the mystery enshrouding dragons and one day the idea suddenly - and somewhat forcefully - came to me. I often say to people that I did not choose the story so much as the story chose me!

    The dragons of Dragor are very human-like. They speak our language and have mannerisms very similar to ours, but with different foods and culture, and of of course they live in caves! :)

  • Tell us a few things about what's coming up next (new books / projects)

    I am currently working on the third novel in the Dragor series. I have also plotted a YA novel that I plan to be a Trilogy. I am excited about this other idea but it will be for much later on.

  • Can quotes inspire or motivate children?

    I believe simple quotes can inspire children (when they start to develop more depth of understanding) at about age 7 plus. Nothing beats the power of great quotes; they alter the mindset and thought processes in a way that nothing else can.

  • If you could pick 5 quotes from your book / articles for your fans /readers, which ones would they be?

    ‘Build your castle from the rocks thrown at you or that stood in your way;and it, like you, will have strength untold.’ From the Land of Dragor Series

    ‘Run so hard towards your dreams that doubt has no time to catch up withyou’ Julia Suzuki

    ‘We dream by day and write by night, to steal the secrets of time’ Julia Suzuki
    ‘ Like a tree, we often don’t know we are slowly growing. What grows slowly grows strongest!’ From The Land of Dragor Series

    ‘There’s a secret to those with the biggest smiles; they like making people happy and it’s something that rubs right back onto them.’ Julia Suzuki

  • How important are quotes in your life? How have they helped you deal with various issues (health, personal, financial, career) throughout the years?

    Quotes are very important in my life. A quote can speak to the ‘heart and soul’ of a human being; giving a burst of inspiration just where it is needed - in any area of life. In my past I have searched on the internet using keywords to find quotes. I have often found quotes that help pertaining to a particular issue. Quoteandquote is a great website because it facilitates the search for quotes in one place and by categories.

  • What makes a quote, a good quote?

    The greatest quotes are short and ‘clever’ - they have a great deal of thought in their phrasing and can pack a punch! They take an issue and get right to the heart of it in a manner that uplifts or entertains. I particularly love the quotes of the former actress Mae West because they are very concise, fun, and have a wonderful honesty about them.

  • What are your thoughts about the rise of the quote-image, inspirational words on graphic backgrounds or photos?

    As they say 'a picture tells a thousand words’. Selecting an image that suits a quote therefore adds to it’s impact.

  • Please write down anything else you might want to say about the power of words.

    Words spoken or written are very powerful and can act like bullets between each other: they have the power to hurt or uplift and should be chosen very wisely.