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Monday6 October 20142571 days and 3 hours ago

When I was your age, 
the ipad was called television.

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Created by:
Sissy Gavrilaki

Rephrased Quote. Original Quote: "When I was your age, television was called books" by William Goldman

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7 years ago by Utkarsh Mishra: Technology is a boon if used in a good way however it can be a curse too if not used appropriately at the same time.
7 years ago by Juan Largo: Utkarsh I totally agree. There is a church in my neighborhood where we used to gather and play when we were kids
Nowadays kids gather in the church and just sit silent on the stairs with their tablets. Because there is stronger the free wifi signal. Sad...
7 years ago by Utkarsh Mishra: When I was a child ( I still am :P ) of age below 10; for me playing was to go outside home and enjoy with friends but now I see children stuck to Ipad, Phones etc playing games like temple run, candy crush etc. Advancement in technology leads to NO REAL childhood or you can say the missing of REAL childhood which we used to have at our time. :)

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